Monday, August 31, 2009

Pancake Update

Recently, I found the cause for a recurring stomach pain. It was my brand of soy milk, Soy Dream. If it doesn't say gluten-free on it and there isn't a gluten item in the ingredients list, check one or more of the gluten-free lists available online (this isn't always trust worthy), consider the company, call the company, call a friend, but whatever you do, don't assume it's completely gluten-free safe.

Because of this sudden revelation I have more than a case of Soy Dream to sell somewhere, also I was suddenly having to make my pancakes without the protein the soy milk provided. This leaves the pancakes mushy.

I have said it before, fat has a way of making rice flour recipes mushy. One day I just stopped adding fat to my pancake recipe. As long as my griddle has a good non-stick surface properly seasoned, I don't have any problems.

One of the problems with gluten-free cooking is it just doesn't have as much flavor as wheat. I have noticed a new trend in online gluten-free recipes baking recipes. The changing of white sugar to brown sugar so,

Here is my emergency alternative recipe:
½ cup brown rice flour
¼ cup garbanzo bean flour
¼ cup Millet flour
¼ cup brown sugar ( I have found agave to work well)
1 tsp unflavored gelatin
½ tsp slightly rounded, guar gum/or xanthan gum
1 egg
1 cup of water.

Mix the dry ingredients together, then add in the wet ingredients and stir until moist. Pour ¼ cup amounts on a hot griddle. Cook first side until bubbles appear in the surface. Flip and cook until golden brown on the second side.

If you can't have bean flour or milk try almond meal. Almond meal is expensive, but doesn't have a strong flavor. I'm just starting to work with almond meal so I don't have any tips for you, just yet.