Monday, January 26, 2009

So, how do we make it through our economic hard time?

I have not been happy with my winter boots since I bought them. As I walk the zippers slide down, allowing snow to get in. I picked them up from the clearance shelves. This is the risk one takes when one buys cheap. So, I have been just living with the problem. Naturally, if you pull too often on the zipper fob the zipper will break, and that is what happened. Snow gets in more readily then it had before.

Using boots one year, and then tossing them is wasteful. Tossing usable boots when we just lost our income is unacceptable. We work together to come up with a way to make the boots continue to be usable.

I wanted to sew Velcro® to them, but I know my hands and my sewing machine are too week to accomplish it. My Hubby has arthritis in his hands, so he couldn't do it either. He came up with something that he could do. Using his pocket knife he punched holes into the boot with the broken zipper and laced it up. I really like the way it turned out.

Now all I have to do is convince him that even though the other zipper technically still works he should turn the mate into a lace up boot, too.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Gluten free treat from leftover candy canes

Last Monday, I found candy canes in the clearance racks for $.37, since Spangler® peppermint candy canes are gluten and dairy free I bought a couple boxes. I don't just eat them, I like to make a simple treat.

Hot Candy Canes

One candy cane
Your choice of hot beverage
Coffee with a creamer/milk,
hot cocoa/carob,
cow/goat/soy milk, or just water

a spoon of sweetener is optional
maple syrup,
or agave

I start by smacking the candy cane, while it is still in its wrapper, on the edge of the counter. This breaks up the candy cane for easier melting without the cane shattering bits in all directs as it does when the bare cane is smacked on the edge of the cup. Unwrap cane into the cup. Drop in the sweetener, and then pour your hot beverage over all. Stir, let set a moment, stir again. Repeat this until the cane is dissolved. The smaller your candy bits and the hotter the beverage the faster it will dissolve.

My son uses Altoids® the same way. Placing 2 to 4 candies and cocoa mix in his cup and pours in the coffee.

Presently, I am working on a creamy candy cane pudding.

Monday, January 12, 2009

What most of my blogging will be about


My blog will focus on meeting the cooking and budget needs of those with health and allergy problems. I am partial to this subject because I have allergy and health problems that have a way of absorbing my thoughts, time and energy.

It started with my first born son. At three weeks old he developed a rash on his cheeks. When I look at his baby pictures it amazes me that he was such a happy baby. This rash itched a great deal and eventually spread to several places on his body. He looked like he had strawberry jelly all over his cheeks up until he was three years old, but it was the rash, cracked and bleeding and sometimes oozing. We went through a lot trying to find a cure, or a fix. When he was 5 months old my Hubby's grandmother suggested we go to a chiropractor. Within minutes of treatment the rash went from bright red to pink. The rash didn't completely go away. Twenty-nine years later this rash re-appears on his body somewhere, every spring.

While at that chiropractic visit the chiropractor suggested maybe my son is allergic to bleached wheat. I walked away stunned at the idea that wheat was bleached. At the time I had no idea what was being done to our food by the food industry, and by ourselves. It started my journey into health food and learning how to deal with allergies. I have since learned a great deal about cooking to meet the needs of setting a table for each individual at the table. All three of my kids and I have allergy problems.