Monday, July 13, 2009

A Great Little Travel Book

Somewhere in my faded, blue jean past of the 1970s is a teenage girl who still wants to travel America on a motorcycle. Whether you were the proverbial child who wanted to run away and join the circus or the rebel teen, at some point, we want to take the easy way out and leave our problems behind. The same is true with this Runaway Grandpa.

Seventy year old Chuck Mason faced what to do with his life when his wife died of cancer. In his empty Michigan home, designed and decorate by his wife and filled with the memories of their 20 years together he was left unsure of what he wanted to do with his life. It was at that point he packed a few things, his new companion, a St. Bernard puppy named Bonnie and become a Runaway Grandpa.

Traveling can be a way of seeking adventure, but most often it's just a way of trying to ease your troubled mind. Above all, it has a way of being soul searching. As Chuck shares with us his travels with Bonnie he opens up a bit of his thoughts, his past, his short comings, and his dreams. He meets people with a bitter outlook in life and he meets those whose troubles are worse than his own, and yet they can still see the goodness of life itself.

In the end Chuck blames his dog for clear thinking, listens to her clues, and returns to his home and family with the same perspective we all gain when we travel, “It's good to be home.”

If you're traveling this summer and need a little good reading for that plane trip or that rest on the beach, spend a couple of hours with Bonnie, Chuck Mason and Runaway Grandpa.

To order Runaway Grandpa, for 14.95, contact Runaway Grandpa Chuck. Tell him I sent you and he will pay the shipping.
Address: 1554 S. 44th Ave, Shelby, MI. 49455
Phone: 231 861 7059