Monday, May 25, 2009

Setting Goals

I want to be active participant in the quality of life I will lead as I get older. I was born with health problems that went untreated for 47 years. Doctors shrugged their shoulders and told my parents, “Well, she has allergies. We just don't know what.” When I went to doctors, they always gave me pat answers that didn't resolve my problems.
It has been through thirty years of study and alternative medicine that I found answers. I feel that I am, now armed with knowledge that will help me move in a positive direction of healing and health.
While waiting for my wrist to heal I gained 5 pounds. I have begun walking twice a day. Last week, during one of my morning walks I became determined not only to take the weight off , but I set a couple goals. No more wishful thinking. I'm writing it all down in this blog to motivate me into keeping my word. If it's in writing in a public place maybe I will be too embarrassed not do my best at trying to accomplish them.
Next week, I'm switching to walking two times a day, three days a week, and doing Praise Moves (A Christian answer to yoga,) three times a week. Gradually, I will go from walking to running. In a month, the weight should have come off, I will include weight training. It's time to get rid of those old lady wings I've been growing. Ultimately, my goal is to be able to run a 5k marathon by the time I'm 51.
This is one of those things I've always wanted to do. It was more dreaming then taking the time to actually try. I have a long list of longings (things I long to do,)I just don't see them happening. Trying to live healthy and training for a marathon is something that doesn't take money I don't have.
The reason I want to do these two things? I think that if I have the ability and energy to do a marathon, then I will have the energy and ability to do what ever task God may send my way. I find that I want Him to send me something important in my elder years.
I'm not forgetting that God is in charge of whether or not I will be able to accomplish this goal. I'm praying that as He has given me the desire, so he will see me accomplish the goal.