Monday, January 19, 2009

Gluten free treat from leftover candy canes

Last Monday, I found candy canes in the clearance racks for $.37, since Spangler® peppermint candy canes are gluten and dairy free I bought a couple boxes. I don't just eat them, I like to make a simple treat.

Hot Candy Canes

One candy cane
Your choice of hot beverage
Coffee with a creamer/milk,
hot cocoa/carob,
cow/goat/soy milk, or just water

a spoon of sweetener is optional
maple syrup,
or agave

I start by smacking the candy cane, while it is still in its wrapper, on the edge of the counter. This breaks up the candy cane for easier melting without the cane shattering bits in all directs as it does when the bare cane is smacked on the edge of the cup. Unwrap cane into the cup. Drop in the sweetener, and then pour your hot beverage over all. Stir, let set a moment, stir again. Repeat this until the cane is dissolved. The smaller your candy bits and the hotter the beverage the faster it will dissolve.

My son uses Altoids® the same way. Placing 2 to 4 candies and cocoa mix in his cup and pours in the coffee.

Presently, I am working on a creamy candy cane pudding.