Wednesday, August 15, 2012

10 Tips and Tricks for the insincere Dieter

  1. When adding sugar to coffee, while someone present to observe you, try to keep the conversation lively. This will make it harder for them to know just how many spoonfuls of sugar you've added.

  2. The color of fudge blends well with coffee. No one will know if you use it for creamer.

  3. Know how to spin your grammar. If you have been eating doughnuts all day say, 'This is all I've has all day.

  4. Eat small items like marshmallows and doughnut holes in pairs. If you get caught, you can claim, 'this is only the second one' you've had.

  5. When counting calories, don't tell anyone just how high you've counted up to.

  6. Look for hidden fat. You wouldn't want to miss any.

  7. Satisfy you need for a properly dressed salad. Place extra salad dressing at the bottom of the bowl, underneath the salad greens. While at the table in front of friend impress them by barely sprinkling any dressing on top of your salad. Dig deep and enjoy your delicious salad.

  8. Keep a spray bottle of water near by during your effortless exercise routine. 
    When you hear some one coming soak your skin and intensify your activity.

  9. When eating ice cream, eat straight from the box. You can then honestly say, 'I haven't eaten one dish of ice cream.” Include a note of hurt in your voice.

  10. You've only had one spoonful. Just don't tell them you used the biggest spoon you could find.

  11. Never allow dinning alone go to waste. Enjoy all the food your happy 'little' heart desires.

  12. If this blog post caused you any hearty laughter, you've had your exercise for the day. Go take a break.