Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Few Questions

I whacked my arm on a door knob. It feels like its cracked or something It's been hurting for a month, now. Why pay hundreds to have someone confirm it. So I chose to care for my body in my own way. I bought a splint, two weeks ago, and my arm is getting better.

Four months into the year, still no unemployment check, it's rare to hear of anyone who has received theirs, from Michigan's overtaxed system. This four months mark is the point you have stopped working to pay the government and now get to work for yourself, yet, today I write a check, we didn't pay enough income tax last year.

If the bone had been obviously bent, I would have sought medical care, but what if the government was in charge of health care:

would I get what I needed,

would the doctor get paid,

how long would it take,

would I need a license to have a splint,

would I have the right to chose to earn an income and then pay for the care myself,

how much does the legislators get paid,

do the people in government know better than I do on how I should live my life,

spend my money,

care for my fellow human,